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Supreme Court of India Gujarat High Court AIR Update (Windows)
Cause Lists of Supreme Court and High Courts Allahabad High Court  
Judgments of the Supreme Court and High Courts Jharkhand High Court Ministry of Corporate Affairs
Case Status of the Supreme Court and High Courts Kerala High Court .
Daily Orders of the Supreme Court and High Courts Jammu Kashmir  High Court  
Statutes India enacted by Parliament Andhra Pradesh High Court  
Delhi High Court Chhattisgarh High Court  
Bombay High Court Gauhati High Court  
Calcutta High Court Delhi District Court  
Websites of District Judgeships of Bihar    

Links to various Law related web-sites: Law Discusses legal issues, lists events and provides resources.
Administrative Law and Regulatory Reform Bibliographic Database Federal and state resources, organizations, journals and discussion lists. 
AKO Titanic Virtual Trial Providing a lesson in the U.S. legal system through the process of a mock trial based on  actual events from the Titanic disaster. 
A.I.R. All India Reporter.
Butterworths LexisNexis The All England Law Reports. 
Cafe Law Committed to helping you better understand legal issues you may encounter through free  legal information written by attorneys. Visit our bookstore, too.
Carrows Law links.
Central Vigilence Commission.
Central Taxation & company.
Class Action Lawsuits Legal facts, current actions, and "how to" opinions.
Civil Procedure Home Page Collection of links for teachers of procedure and people who are doing research on the  courts. For all who enjoy legal history and theory. 
EBC-India Eastern Book Company (Latest Case Law).
Emory Law Library-
Free Advice Quality legal advice written in plain English. Find a lawyer in your place of residence.
Hindu Marriage Act 1955.
Hiring, Firing and Admiring Lawyers Layman's guide to communicating with attorneys. Includes law links, information on  negotiating attorney fees, increasing claim value, interviewing attorneys, firing a lawyer and  understanding negligence.
Hieros Gamos Hosts and links to a wide variety of legal materials for countries worldwide. 
House of Lords and Select committees
Institute of Air & Space Law  Host of the Air & Space Policy and Law Database, a full-text database.
Jurist: The Law Professors' Network  
Jurweb Bayreuth: Jurweb overview Law and Legislation Collection that should allow interested readers to acquire greater general competence in  issues of contemporary American legal theory. 
Law Info Use our searchable database to find an attorney, and check out Continuing Legal  Education Online, available soon at LawInfo. 
Law Street Guide to the law, with legal info, news for consumers, a guide to the laws of U.S.  states, humor, and more. 
Law Practice Management Page Features original articles of interest to attorneys, and in fact to anyone who manages a  business
Law  Talk - From Indiana University Law Talk is a service provided by Indiana University. Each segment deals with some aspect  of Law or Legal Studies and is authored by a faculty member from either the IU School of  Law in Bloomington or the IU School of Law in Indianapolis.
Law stuff A whole bunch of stuff about legal rights, helpful legal contacts and toons; for Australian  people under 18.
Law Lounge
Law.Net Designed to be a one-stop legal information resource for the Internet. 
Law Rights Free legal information for England and Wales.
Legal Tools Discussion groups on law.
Legal Pad Junior  Legal advice for kids
Letric Law Library A collection of law information for the layman.
Legal.Net Commercial Web site for attorneys and non-attorneys alike.
Legal Web A mirror of the Virtual Library Law Topic section with additional links and sites.
Military Law & Justice Information and research tools on the UCMJ and military law.
SCC Online Supreme Court Cases
Supreme Court Online
Virtual Law Library

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